14 January 2017

We had reserved winter and snow for Monschau. Where there is snow there is a calming beauty. Hence January was the perfect time to go there, given that most of the Germany was covered in the white cloak.

The road to Monschau was splendidly, dazzlingly, stunningly beautiful. Both sides of the road were full of trees that were covered in the white cotton like snow. This whole scene gave you peace and calm inside and a need to just stay there for hours and hours.

Monschau itself was a similar kind of beauty. At the time we arrived there, snow started. It was a welcome sign of that small, medieval, beautiful village.

As we were following the narrow, slanted paths of Monschau with beautiful houses on each side, we arrived at the entrance of Monschau Castle (Burg Monschau). From there you could see the whole town from up and the snow falling made it a perfect scene.

Then we continued to wander around the town. We went past the river Rur that traverses the town and up a slanted part.

It was pretty cold and we were actually freezing, having walked for more than three hours. So a hot cocoa was the best solution for a warm up before leaving.

― J & N

— Monschau, Aachen


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