Music and Math

1 October 2016

Bonn was the first city that we visited in our tour through North Rhine Westphalia. It was a chilly and cloudy day of the newly-come autumn. So we spent the day visiting Beethoven Haus and Arithmeum.

As students we payed 4.50 Euros to enter the Ludwig van Beethoven house. It was a fascinating house where you could feel the sound of Beethoven’s music, the wooden smell of old furnishes, the squeaky floors and the extensive amount of information about Beethoven’s life. It felt like we were back in time.

Photos were not allowed inside, so we just took the one below as a memory from there.


Next stop was Arithmeum, a mathematics museum. “Calculating in Olden and Modern Times” (German: Rechnen Einst und Heute) is the name of the permanent exhibition there. There are thousands of calculating machines there, showed in 4 floors of the multi colored building with the glass facade.

― N & J

— Bonn, Germany


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