Getting lucky in Liège

11 September 2016

Our alarm clock was scheduled at 6:30, but we had accidentally turned it off, so we got up luckily 1 hour later. We caught the bus to the train station running. Luckily again we were on time for the 09:04 train headed to Liège.

Around 1 hour later we were on the Liège – Guillemins station, where you could capture the beautiful patterns of its architecture.

We had no internet and no map, so we just tried our luck and headed to the nearest park, where a marathon was being held at the moment. As we were wandering around following the river side, we asked some locals where to find the city center. We were on the right direction. 😀

On our way to the city center, in another park there was an Auto Show, where dozens of old repaired and repainted cars where exposed.

As it was a Sunday morning, a day when people prefer to stay home, even around 12 o’clock the city was still half awake with just a few people on the road. We were enjoying the almost empty streets and the quietness of the city.

A thing that we both like in a city are sloped stairs, since they send you to a higher place where you can have a full panorama of everything. And as we were wandering around, between two buildings there was a narrow path and guess what… stairs.

It was a decision that made our day more exciting. We went up and up along alleys to the so-called Bueren Mountain, to find out that 374 stairs were already build to climb until there.

This time the famous stairs led us back to the city, to continue our journey below …

― N & J

— Liège, Belgium


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