>> Get a Student Visa in German Embassy of Albania <<

AHTUNG AHTUNG: The following information is experience based.


  1. Get accepted by a German University.
    *The original acceptance letter from the German University is required, the emailed one is not enough.

  2. Get your diploma notarized if you are from a private university.
    *The notary must be recognized by your university.

  3. Send the diploma via post to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get the Apostille.
    *The price in the postal office for the delivery is 200 ALL/document + postal service (around 300 ALL).

  4. Translate the diploma in German language.
    *The translator must be recognized by The Ministry of Justice.
    List: http://www.drejtesia.gov.al/files/userfiles/Perkthyes_Zyrtare/Lista_Perkthyes_2016_16.05.2016.pdf

  5. Legalize your diploma in German Embassy.
    *For students it is free of charge!!! 😀

  6. If you are not supported by a scholarship, then you need a bank statement of a blocked account proving the amount of 8040 Euro.
    *This is valid for 2016. We suggest ProCredit Bank.

  7. Get a Travel Health Insurance of 3 months from any Albanian Company.

  8. Click the following link for the Visa Application Form :
    *Check for any update in the application form in the following website:

  9. You need to prepare as well a motivation letter and your CV.

  10. Set an appointment for the interview in the following link :

  11. Don’t forget to bring the application fee of 60 Euro + 500 ALL = 8800 ALL

  12. Be there on time and full of confidence!


  • 1 notarized,  apostilled, translated and legalized diploma + 1 copy.
  • 1 original acceptance letter + 1 copy.
  • 1 original bank statement + 1 copy.
  • 2 copies of German language proficiency certificate if your courses are in German. Otherwise not necessary.
  • 2 copies of health insurance document.
  • 2 copies of your passport.
  • 2 photos in passport format.
  • 2 copies of motivation letter.
  • 2 copies of CV.
In case of minors additional docs:
  • 1 legalized birth certificate + 1 copy.
  • 1 notarized consent letter of the parents + 1 copy.

2 thoughts on “>> Get a Student Visa in German Embassy of Albania <<

  1. Hallo!, thank you for your help with this entry. I have already traveled to Germany and I find your “Checklist” very useful. However I have one question.

    How was your experience with the blocked account in the ProCredit bank?, do you know if the Ausländeramt of München accepts the blocked accounts from this bank?. My main concern is that almost every embassy recommends to open the account in the Deutsche-Bank and at the end, some of them add: “or any other bank in Germany, such as Commerzbank etc”, but the procedures are easier with ProCredit Bank and that makes this option more interesting. I really appreciate any help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey,
      We are so sorry for the late reply!

      We opened the account in Procredit Bank temporarily in our country and then after we came to Germany, we opened a bank account at Deutsche Bank and made a money transfer. The whole process takes around one month.
      It should be any bank, we are not sure about it though. Many of our friends use Sparkasse Bank, so this is also a possibility.
      Still the suggestions have a reason 😛

      P.S. We are really glad to help. Feel free to ask any question.
      P.P.S Best of luck 😀


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